Mysterious Peru

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Day 01 : Arrival in Lima

  • Reception at the international airport and transfer to the hotel.

Day 02 : City Tour / Museum

  • a.m.: Guided tour of the colonial and modern city.
  • Lima´s exquisite gastronomy, seafood dishes, Cebiche, Pisco Sour and traditional «peña» show.
  • p.m.: Tour of Peru´s Archaeology, Anthropology and History Museum

Day 03 : Lima / Iquitos / Quistococha Lagoon

  • a.m.: Flight to the city of Iquitos, reception and transfer to the hotel.
  • Tour of the Quistococha National Tourist Park, visit to the beautiful lagoon, recreational activities, swimming, boat ride, sun bathing on the white sand beaches and visit of the zoo, to appreciate the Amazonian fauna (Otorongos (Jungle jaguars), tapirs, coypus, lizards, anacondas, tigrillos (Small jungle jaguars), a variety of monkeys and birds, as well as the Paiche; the world´s largest soft water fish).

Day 04 : Iquitos / Eco-Cultural Circuit in the Sinchicuy River Basin

  • a.m.: Journey on a motorized boat and transfer to the lodge; navigating on the Amazon River, the world´s largest and mightiest river. Tour on foot or canoe to the community of the Yagua ethnic group, with their ancestral customs, and appreciation of their original clothes made of palm tree fibers.
  • p.m.: Ethno-botanic tour, to discover the properties of medicinal plants, such as the Uña de Gato (Cat´s Claw), Ayahuasca, etc., and visit to the local naturalist healer or shaman.

Day 05 : Yanayacu River Basin Flora and Fauna Circuit

  • a.m.: River journey on an embarkation and transfer to the Yanayacu River Basin, observing river dolphins. Hike on paths in the low floodable jungle, with its interesting fauna and birds, such as the Kingfisher, sparrow hawks, herons, the Hoatzin bird or Shansho, in an exuberant flora, with giant trees, such as the Lupuna which grows over 50 meters high and the aquatic Victoria Regia plant, the leaf of which can surpass a meter and a half in diameter.
  • p.m.: Navigation back on the Amazon River, to the Sinchicuy Lodge. Time for a rest in comfortable hammocks or for recreation at the Mirador Clavohuasca Bar, with an ice-cold drink or aphrodisiac liquor.

Day 06 : Yanayacu Lodge / Riverside Community on the Amazon River / Return to Lima

  • a.m.: Tour to a typical riverside community, on the Amazon River. During the trip, observation of species of flora and fauna. Sharing and interacting with the local population, in live experience activities and ecological projects. Return trip by boat, to the city of Iquitos.
  • p.m.: Transfer to the airport, for the flight to the city of Tarapoto. Reception and transfer to the hotel.

Day 07 : Tarapoto / Cascades of Ahuashiyacu / Departure to Chiclayo

  • a.m.: Recreational tour at the Ahuashiyacu Cascades and to the Pukalluichu Rescue Center (Butterfly Flight Hall), with rafting on the Mayo River.
  • p.m.: Flight to the city of Chiclayo, reception and transfer to the hotel.

Day 08 : Chiclayo / Sicán Museum / Pyramids of Túcume / The Lord of Sipán´s Museum

  • a.m.: Tour of the Túcume Archaeological Complex or Pyramids´ Valley, composed of 26 pyramids, among which those of La Huaca del Pueblo, La Raya, El Sol and Las Estacas stand out. Tour of the majestic Lord of Sipan´s Royal Tombs Museum which shelters that Soverign´s funeral context and that of his Court, where a collection of objects in gold, silver and copper, is exhibited.
  • p.m.: Beaches´ circuit, Pimentel´s Seaside Resort, Monsefú, the City of Flowers, Santa Rosa´s Cove and its handicraft market.
  • Exquisite marine and Creole food.

Day 09 : Chiclayo / Lima

  • a.m.: Return flight to the city of Lima, reception and transfer to the hotel.
  • Free afternoon.
  • p.m.: Transfer to the international airport, for the flight home.

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