Archaeological Peru and Mangroves


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Day 01 : Arrival in Lima

  • Reception at the international airport and transfer to the hotel.

Day 02 : City Tour / Museum

  • a.m.: Guided tour of the colonial and modern city.
  • Lima´s exquisite gastronomy, seafood dishes, Cebiche, Pisco Sour and traditional «peña» show.
  • p.m.: Tour of the Larco Archaeological Museum.

Day 03 : Lima / Trujillo / Moche Valley / Chan Chan / Huanchaco

  • a.m.: Flight to the springtime city of Trujillo, reception and transfer to the hotel.
  • Tour to the Moche Valley, to observe the Huacas or Pyramids of the Sun and Moon. Tour of the Archaeological Complex of Chan Chan; impressive mud brick city, with its beautiful architecture. Visit to the Huanchaco Seaside Resort, to appreciate totora «caballitos» (Small boats) on the sea and visit to the local handicraft fair.

Day 04 : City Tour / Transportation to Chiclayo

  • a.m.: Visit of Trujillo´s historical center, the Rainbow or Dragon´s Huaca, Cassinelli Museum, Casa Urquiaga, Casa Emancipación, Iturregui Palace, Main Square and observation of the Cathedral´s façade.
  • p.m.: Departure on a comfortable Cruzero service bus, to the city of Chiclayo. Arrival, reception and transfer to the hotel.

Day 05 : Chiclayo / Tour to Huaca Rajada / Bruning Museum

  • a.m.: Tour of the Huaca Rajada Archaeological Complex, where the Lord of Sipan´s tomb was found. Visit of the Bruning Anthropological Museum which contains valuable collections of objects from the Moche, Lambayeque or Sicán, Chimú and Incan pre-Hispanic cultures.
  • Chiclayo´s exquisite food.

Day 06 : Pyramids of Túcume / The Lord of Sipán´s Museum / Departure to Piura

  • a.m.: Tour of the Túcume Archaeological Complex or Pyramids´ Valley and visit of the majestic Lord of Sipan´s Royal Tombs Museum which shelters that Soverign´s funeral context and that of his Court, where a collection of objects in gold, silver and copper, is exhibited.
  • Departure on a comfortable Cruzero service bus, to the city of Piura. Reception and transfer to the hotel.

Day 07 : Piura / Cabo Blanco / Los Órganos Beach / Máncora Seaside Resort

  • a.m.: Tour of the Cabo Blanco (White Cape) Cove preferred by surfers, experts in panic point. Tour of the Los Órganos Beach with its waters that vary between quiet and moderate, where one can appreciate an embankment ornamented with palm trees, offering a beautiful landscape. Afternoon of entertainment on those paradise-like beaches.
  • Exquisite seafood and Creole dishes.
  • p.m.: Trip to Máncora´s Seaside Resort and transfer to the hotel.

Day 08 : Máncora´s Seaside Resort

  • a.m.: Entertainment on Máncora´s beaches, with their warm waters and excellent sun. This resort is considered as one of the most important on the Peruvian coast, for its perfect waves for the practice of surfing, kite surfing, body boarding, swimming, scuba diving and sports fishing. It offers hotels, restaurants, discotheques, bars, handicraft centers and shops that rent boards.
  • Exquisite marine and Creole food.

Day 09 : Punta Sal´s Beaches / Tumbes

  • a.m.: Tour of Punta Sal located 23 km. North of Máncora; a place with beautiful beaches, and warm crystalline sea waters.
  • Exquisite marine and Creole food.

Day 10 : City Tour / Tumbes´ Mangrove National Sanctuary

  • a.m.: Excursion to the city´s main tourist attractions. Tour of Tumbes´ Mangrove National Sanctuary; the appropriate and in many cases, only habitat of a variety of species of aquatic fauna, such as snails, crustaceans, molluscs, fish, otters, birds, mammals, crocodiles, etc. Journey on a rowboat and demonstration of the Red Crab´s extraction process.
  • Exquisite marine and Creole dishes.

Day 11 : Return to Lima and Flight Home

  • a.m.: Return flight to the city of Lima, reception and transfer to the hotel.
  • Free afternoon.
  • p.m.: Transfer to the international airport, for the flight home.

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